7 Advantages of Zoom Piano Lessons

7 Advantages of Zoom Piano Lessons


There are two pianos available.

One of the most major advantages of taking online piano lessons is the availability of two pianos. Due to the fact that both the instructor and the student have their own instrument, it is much simpler to explain, gives a more visual learning experience, and the class frequently goes more smoothly.

It is not necessary to travel.

The use of Zoom piano lessons eliminates the need to go. Many students who attend lessons after work have to contend with rush hour traffic, wasting a significant amount of time as a consequence. As a result, they are often agitated.

One of the advantages of online piano lessons is that students may avoid traffic delays and spend more time preparing for class while sipping a cup of tea!

Due to the short travel time, students may warm up for the session and finish just as the class starts.

The younger members of the family are not required to attend the class.

Many parents nowadays are rushing from one location to the next, sending their children to sports practice, ballet, acting classes, and piano lessons!! If no one is available to care after the younger siblings, they will be required to go as well.

Siblings are often irritated while waiting in the vehicle, resulting in the loss of crucial after-school time.

The benefit of Zoom piano lessons is that family members may go on with their daily activities without having to worry about picking up children or waiting for the session to conclude.

You have your own instrument that you play.

Pianoists, unlike other instrumentalists, are often required to perform on various pianos. Although this is an important ability for professional pianists to master, it may be a hurdle for the inexperienced or less confident pianist.

Everyone feels better at ease in their own home, and piano lessons are no exception.

After the lecture, you can immediately begin practicing.

When I was taking piano lessons, I couldn’t wait to put what I’d learned into practice, so I kept thorough notes to prevent forgetting anything.

The nice thing about Zoom piano lessons is that you may begin practicing right after the session is over, when your mind is still fresh and your energy levels are high.

As a result, kids do not have to wait until they get in the vehicle to be distracted by anything else.

The first practice session following a lesson is usually the most beneficial, and if done properly, it may lay the way for a great week of practice.

I’ve heard pupils claim they practiced a few days later on several occasions. As a result, they left the class knowing what to do but forgetting many of the principles when it came time to sit at the piano.

More time to play.

In a study of online piano lessons, it was shown that pupils spend 22 percent more time playing than in face-to-face courses.

In online piano lessons, students spend 36 percent less time discussing about subjects irrelevant to their studies, according to the same research.

Even if you’re feeling under the weather, you can take a class.

To prevent spreading a cold, stomach virus, or other airborne sickness, some pupils must miss classes.

Others, owing to a handicap, may be unable to leave the home.

One of the advantages of online piano lessons is that students do not have to worry about missing a session because they are sick. They may instead take the lesson from the convenience of their own homes. Having access to online piano lessons was really useful during the current Covid-19 epidemic.


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